ENDTIME!!! See the Faces of 100 Men Arrested for Attending Secret G@y Wedding

H0m0sekxual!ty is something that is not acceptable in our society at all and this act goes against the rules and regulations as well a the moral of Africans. It is regarded as a taboo in Africa.

The Bible even sometimes speaks against this same act and the Lord has a great punishment for those who engages themselves in this but it seems like people are not ready to listen, result in doing the things that will please them.

Over 100 men were arrested after police intercepted an ongoing gay wedding somewhere in Africa. Police stormed the event and arrested over 100 men in attendance.

The men were also violating the set covid 19 regulations, but there were claims that the wedding wasn’t planned in a very appropriate way since the marriage had no license for both the two couple waiting for their union.

The report was shared by Fresh Tv of Uganda via a Facebook post not long ago which left many mouth opened full of surprises.

The wedding was lavish with meals for the guest just like a normal wedding ceremony, only that there were no women in the event. The arrangements and everything about this wedding was just on point.

The incident sparked lots of reactions online. Here are the some reactions:

Ri Tash: Police just wanted to steal their gifts plus eating their food. Nothing else because I don’ t see the reason why they have disorganized the occasion.

Mums Dota: It’ s their lives. Leave them alone. Many have differed in opinion in regards to the incidence. Some are condemning the police for arresting the guests. To them, the men should have been left to continue with their celebrations.

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