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EXPOSED: Captain Smart Reveals In Details Every Single Allowance Taken By Ghanaian Minister; Details Dropped-CHECK

Captain Smart made some disclosures this morning that many people will find both intriguing and startling.

Captain Smart said this morning on Onua TV’s Onua Maakye show that the country’s ministers are paid a lot of money as allowances, which does not represent the work they do.

He tossed down a long set of paperwork that had been authorized by the Finance Minister and listed all of the ministers of state’s allowances.

Ministers in the nation get more than 20 separate perks, according to the paper. Most of these accommodations, according to Captain Smart, are unnecessary.

He went on to say that the nation is never broke, and that Ghanaians don’t need to pay the E-levy since the ministers will be the ones who profit the most.

The document is seen below.

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