Fada Dicskon is next on Afia Schwarzenegger’s list – Cindy Cash reveals

Afia Schwarzenegger is out on the loose like a wild dog, and Lady Cindy is frightened that she would take her unruly behavior to Fadda Dickson’s home.
According to Wontumi Mpaso Nkomo, a media personality who broadcasts an adult-rated TV show, the business magnate should be wary of his relationship with Afia because of what he did to Chairman Wontumi.

Afia, according to Lady Cindy, is a jerk who always bites the hands that feed her.

“Afia Schwarzenegger has started referring to record books, and Fadda Dickson will be next on her list,” the hostess of Ghana’s hottest sex show said.

She claimed that if Afia can embarrass John Mahama, Archbishop Duncan Williams, and other powerful individuals she used to be friends with before turning on them, she can do the same to Fadda.

Meanwhile, Adu Sofowaa is presumably salivating at the prospect of joining the beef between Afia Schwarzenegger, Delay, and, on occasion, Diamond Appiah, and has made a remark that will gain her a ticket to the event.

She said in a Facebook post that the bottle of schnapps Afia used to curse lawyer Maurice Ampaw and Chairman Wontumi was barely half full.

When Afia learned that Benard Antwi Boasiako aka Chairman Wontumi had hauled her to court over her petty quarrels with Delay, she went on the offensive.

More importantly, she made some purchases while in the midst of her arguments with Delay, which has caused him a great deal of inconvenience (like saying they used to be sexual partners and he farted when he was climaxing)

The turn of events enraged Afia, especially when Wontumi’s lawyer, Maurice Ampaw, attacked her on the radio, stating Afia is too low a woman for Wontumi to sleep with.

If she is lying about sleeping with the maverick politician, she cursed both of them with alcoholic beverages and raw eggs, as well as invoking powerful deities from her hometown to deal with them.

However, Adu Safowaa has stated that the two do not need to be concerned because Afia was merely playing a joke on them.

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