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Free SHS will not be reviewed – Education Ministry

Free SHS will not be reviewed – Education Ministry

When it comes to the future of the Free Senior High School policy’s implementation, the Education Ministry and the Ghana Education Service (GES) appear to be on opposing sides.

The funding of the government’s flagship program has come under question, particularly in light of the country’s present economic slump.

Some senior high schools in the country have complained about food shortages and a lack of finances to keep programs operating smoothly.

Following this, GES Director-General Prof. Kwasi Opoku Amankwah stated that work on a review of the program is presently ongoing.

This exercise, he stated, is intended to determine which of the expense components the government may delegate to parents.

“…we can conduct the study and then say, okay, to give Raymond a great education, it will cost this amount.” These are the goods included in the cost.

“Then we will all put it out there and say this item, we can make do of it, and it will not affect quality, this item, I think we can get parents to pay,” he said on Upfront, Thursday.

However, the Education Ministry says no such discussion has come to its attention.

As far as the Ministry’s spokesperson, Kwasi Kwarteng is concerned, no discussions have been had to this effect.

Speaking on JoyNews‘ The Pulse today, Mr Kwarteng insisted that the GES Director-General was only drawing an analogy during his assertion.

“The Director-General was drawing an analogy based on what he himself as a person has been doing in his office. At no point did he make any emphatic statement that the Free SHS policy was going to be reviewed,” he said on Friday.

For that matter, the context in which he made the comment does not reflect a general review, in Mr Kwarteng’s view.

According to him, the final responsibility to make any changes to the social intervention programme lies in the bosom of the Education Ministry, which he says, has not considered any such move.

“Policy choices generally, if you want to go into the minutiae, have to do with the Executive, in this case, the President of the nation, and the Ministry, in this case, which happens to be the Minister of Education Dr Yaw Adutwum.” “These are the only ones who can normally make policy announcements,” he noted.

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