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Fresh news coming from the camp of GES to all Basic schools-Teachers must read

Teachers Laptop distribution has been expanded to include Basic School Teachers, ensuring that all teachers in the country have access to a laptop for digital literacy.

The makers of the Teacher’s Mate1 laptop, Katon Technologies, have handed over fifty thousand laptops to teachers in second cycle schools; nevertheless, the majority of the teachers have yet to get their laptops.

The government’s One-Teacher-One-Laptop project aims to assist teachers in obtaining a laptop at a reasonable cost. Teacher unions have negotiated with the government to assist instructors in obtaining a laptop for digital learning.

Teachers in basic schools were left out of the one teacher, one laptop project because it was designed for teachers in second cycle schools.

The government of Ghana is paying 70% of the cost of the laptop, while instructors are responsible for the other 30%. However, leaving basic school teachers out of the project does not make it a comprehensive project.

Teachers in primary schools petitioned the Ministry of Education to include the one teacher, one laptop project in their curriculum. As a result, the Ghana Education Service has expanded the distribution of the Teacher’s Mate1 laptop to all teachers in the country in order to promote digital literacy among teachers and students.

Katon Technologies, the creators and sole distributors of the Teacher’s Mate one laptop, has been charged with holding a training workshop for teachers. The Teacher’s Mate one laptop has been loaded with educational resources, including a Teacher’s resource pack.

The makers and distributors of the Teacher’s Mate1 laptop have created a training program for instructors. Teachers can pick between face-to-face training sessions, online training, and recorded video lessons.

On the Teacher’s Mate one laptop, all subjects in the new curriculum from elementary through secondary school, as well as textbooks, have been loaded.

Because some instructors are unhappy with the brand of laptop they received as part of the one teacher, one laptop programme, the thirty percent cost has been taken from their annual teacher professional development allowance.


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