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Fufu pounders threaten strike over Ghc15 pay [Video]

Fufu pounders threaten strike over Ghc15 pay [Video]

The Central Regional Branch of the Chop Bar Fufu Pounders Association has vowed to go on strike over low pay.

They believe that because things are tough, their employers will need to raise their daily earnings.

They contend that their Accra colleagues who pound a same amount of fufu everyday are given adequate pay and even allowances.

“We get paid Ghc15 per day, which is pitiful. Our Accra colleagues get paid Ghc50 per day. “If our employers pay us Ghc 30 or 40, we will be encouraged to complete the task,” one of the association’s executives told Adom News.

“When we are under pressure, we don’t always eat. We labor all day and the work is extremely tiresome, thus we need to be fairly compensated. If nothing is done, we will advise ourselves to go on strike,” stated another pounder.


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