Funny as two men carrying big pig on motorbike goes viral [Video]

They assert that wonder will never cease to exist. A video of two people riding a motorcycle while transporting a big pig has gone viral on social media. The video of two men on a motobike carrying a live pig has gone viral.

The two men proceeded to a distant region to purchase a large pig. Finding a vehicle to take it to their goal appears to have been an issue. They didn’t have any other option than to ride their motorcycle. Instead of getting a car when they got to town, they decided to keep doing what they were doing.

As the animal refuses to let the motor travel straight, they can be seen fighting and sweating intensely in the footage. As the bike proceeded slowly, pedestrians kept an eye on it.

Apart from the video, the background music has received a lot of praise. Twi song “Obibini nso ye Onipa.” In English, it says, “Black man, too, is human.” That is, after all, Africa and Africans. Please don’t inquire as to where the film was shot; I don’t want to get myself into any trouble. But I’m confident of one thing: it’s an African video.

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