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GES Finally Reveals The Reasons Teachers Refuse Rural Areas Postings and It Is Disheartening

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has acknowledged the difficulties that teachers in Afram Plains and around the country face.

Snakebites, particularly in rural locations, are one of these problems, as are lodging troubles.

As a result, the GES stated that procedures had been put in place to address these concerns.

Mr. Anthony Boateng, Deputy Director-General of the GES, recognized that these are significant concerns and that solving them will need a multi-stakeholder approach.

His remarks came after two teachers in Afram Plains, Ghana’s Eastern Region, were alleged to have died as a consequence of snakebite and a lack of medical attention.

In an interview with TV3’s Komla Adom for the ‘Education Reforms’ program, Taihdu Mohammed, the Basic Education Coordinator for the Afram Plains North District, blamed the situation on the absence of electricity in most settlements in the area.

The instructors perished, Taihdu Mohammed said Komla Adom, since there was no anti-Snake venom serum at the health facilities at Donkokrom, where they were sent for treatment.

He went on to say that the parents of the other instructors who had escaped snakebites had relocated them from the region to their separate hometowns to secure their safety.

“Because there is no light, no sun, and no other things, most of the youngsters come there and suffer snakebites, and they don’t even have the medicine to heal them when they send them to Donkorkrom hospital.”

“Two instructors died on the islands as a result of this snakebite, three were treated, and their parents afterwards came to say that they would not allow their children to stray in Afram Plains, so they promptly removed them from this location.”

“These are issues that must be dealt holistically and across agencies and sectors,” Mr. Anthony Boateng informed Komla Adom in the documentary in response to this development. Something is being done, I can guarantee you. For example, while I talk to you, a committee is tasked with identifying what we refer to as “deficient” schools.

“In order to provide some encouragement to instructors who accept posts in these locations.” We anticipate the committee’s work being completed and its findings being presented in the coming weeks. We’re also aware of the government’s initiatives to offer homes for educators. As a result, it is our prayer and wish that all of these endeavors come to fruition.”


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