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Ghana Deports 562 Nigerien Beggars back to their country, 1,000 more to return home [Video]

The Ghanaian government has repatriated 562 Nigerien beggars who had swamped the streets of the country’s capital to Niger.

This move was made in collaboration with the Nigerien Embassy in Ghana.

The first wave of returning street beggars arrived in Yamai, Niger, on June 9, 2022.

The Ghanaian government is still intending to send 1000 additional Nigerien beggars back to their homeland from Accra’s streets.

Later this week, the remaining mobilized beggars are expected to join their colleagues.

Several more have been summoned from other parts of the country to assist the authorities in removing street beggars from major cities.

Watch video below;

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