Ghana must use the Rwandan model to regulate churches, Prophets – Cardinal Turkson

Ghana can learn from Rwanda’s experience.

Cardinal Turkson supports a police directive on end-of-the-world prophecies.

To ensure the country’s peace and security, the Ghanaian government must take action to sanitize the religious space.

This is Cardinal Peter Appiah Turkson’s point of view, who believes that the present path taken by some church leaders in Ghana indicated the necessity for regulation.

The top Vatican official directed Ghana in the direction of Rwanda as a useful reference point for control, particularly of church leaders’ actions, in an interview broadcast on Accra-based Asaase Radio.

“I believe Rwanda has a lot to teach us.” In Rwanda, the expansion of all of these churches is being brought under control, and I believe there is legislation that states that pastors or church founders must meet certain standards.

“At least some decent knowledge of the very books that you use for your church service, which are the scriptures,” Cardinal Turkson admonished. “This is again some kind of reductionist, reducing religion to just knowledge of the literature of the Bible and whatever, but essentially we need to find a way to curtail all of these,” he added.

His viewpoint differs from that of a number of Charismatic church leaders, who have spoken out against what they claim is an attempt by the Ghana Police Service to regulate their activities.

The police’s ‘clash’ with a portion of the clergy began when they issued an order on December 27, 2021, advising against ‘doom predictions’ during Watch Night and Crossover ceremonies on the eve of the year 2022.

Some prophets went ahead and delivered forecasts in their own guided methods rather than the normal point-blank listing of names and impending occurrences, but police were scrutinizing some of the recordings received following the Watch Night Services, according to a follow-up statement issued early this year.

They intimated that if Prophets are found to have made utterances that are fear-inducing or panic-inducing, they will be prosecuted.

Bishop Charles Agyinasare, the founder of Perex Chapel, is one of the most vocal Charismatic pastors who publicly opposes the police’s conduct.

On Sunday, January 9, 2021, he preached that if caution is not exercised, the police would begin to dictate what men of God should preach.

“On January 6th, the police issued a statement…

According to them, the police are examining the prophesies of several churches. We wish to thank God for the police and for keeping us safe throughout the holidays.

“It’s fine for the cops to warn us about predictions that generate dread and terror, especially if they involve well-known people.” However, issuing a statement on January 6th stating that they are analyzing prophesies from various churches…is attempting to regulate prophecies,” he added.

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