Ghana Wrestling: Two Macho Women Fight Like John Cena In Public Infront Of Their One Boyfriend

You gonna have a massive interest in the current video going viral on social media which captures two women combating one another over a boyfriend.

The footage has since attracted a lot of attention and likewise generated limitless discuss amongst social media users, as such incident is uncommon.

From what we see in this video, the 2 women threw all decorum to the wind and attacked one another mercilessly, while a fellow woman standing beside them recorded it.

Apparently they had been combating over a man both dated for the past months with out figuring out.

It’s quite unfortunate that one lady thought she is the only one she is dating with the man same as the the other woman thinks, however unknown to them he was in relationship with all.

The women found that the deception of the man had played on them and determined to struggle in a way of fighting mercilessly to each other

The girl, who appeared too robust, strong and championed firmly held her opponent’s hair , refusing to let her go without giving her serious damages.

Apparently, some individuals who happen to be at the scene were busy recording the drama on their telephones instead of making an attempt to separate them from embarrassing themselves.

Watch the video below;

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