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Ghanaian Pastor receives heavy e-levy slaps after he was caught pants down eating someone’s wife [Video]

As a man of God who cares about the welfare of his members, he stopped everything he was doing and headed for the woman’s house. However, one thing led to the other and they had s.ex but he could not explain how he ended up in bed with her, committing adultery which the Bible condemns.

At the absence of her husband, a Ghanaian preacher was caught red-handed screwing a married lady in her marital house.

The so-called man of God said in a viral video that he was invited by the woman, who is also thought to be a member of his church, while no one was home.

The priest, whose name has yet to be revealed, was caught in the act sweating heavily as though running an Olympic marathon.

When questioned, he stated that he was aware that the woman was married with children.

According to him, the woman called him on the phone to say she was lonely at home and wanted companionship.

Watch the video below

It is not clear which group of people caught the two in the abominable act.


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