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GNAT Fights GES Over This Reason…

GNAT Fights GES Over This Reason…

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is worried because the Ghana Education Service’s refusal to promote teachers and GNAT members to their allocated positions is generating greater discontent among its rank and file.

At its 2022 national council meeting, GNAT stated that “delays in distributing laptops, allowances payment, and initiation of base salary discussions might cause labor unrest among teachers” throughout the country.

According to GNAT, the ministry of education’s decision to appoint a director General of the GES “who is not a thoroughbred educationist not only sets a bad precedent but also sends a negative signal to hardworking teachers and educationists that they have no chance of occupying that space” in the future.

It should be noted that the recent appointment of a new Director General of the GES sparked outrage among teacher unions, and the national council of GNAT stated that “the response of the ministry of education on the matter on concerns raised, further goes to create disharmony” in the education labor front.

The 11-point statement also emphasized the “need for workers who have been promoted or upgraded after 2015 to be placed on the appropriate scale.”

“The council considers this unpleasant and offensive, with the potential to disrupt the educational calm.” As a result, GNAT urges the Ministry of Education and the GES to “resolve this issue” and any other issues with this and lower-rank promotions before the end of this year.

GNAT has requested the government once more to guarantee that the “2022 collective agreement be reviewed” once it has been in effect for three years.

GNAT has already requested that the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations open the door to base pay discussions by November 2022.

GNAT is concerned because the Ghana Education Service occupational pension system (GSOPS) operated by the Controller and Accountant-General is six months behind schedule. As a result, “GNAT wants members to be compensated” immediately.

As a result, the GNAT council requests that the Ministry of Finance pay all tier 2 funding by the end of November 2022.

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