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Good news: All candidates who could not pass Mathematics and English should read this

The problems in our educational sector, meadow from the imported policies through poor execution to political influence.

Evaluating the just-released WASSCE results of SHS students by WAEC, dated 8th December 2021, there is no gait of doubt that Ghana as a nation, has lost focus on what we need. Most people are still pointing to those who marked grades A, B, and C meanwhile we must think about the real knowledge and skills acquired at the end of every academic year. And, how to discover and manage talented and gifted pupils/students to enable them to create their world during and after school. That’s what the west is doing to improve in everything. The book’s focus is changing the positions of our country from good to bad. However, we cherish theory examination as the only way to assess our school-going children.

Look, the early morning mental and teaching the English language without the usage of textbooks and audio/visual materials contribute to the gross failure of mathematics and the English language. Both subjects are technical and one needs ample time to think, practice, and produce results.

Moreover, those who failed the WASSCE exams are also better and good for something. The fact that they failed Mathematics and the English language doesn’t mean they are useless. Footballers, Musicians, Athletes, Swimmers, Comedians, Actors, etc do not need to find X, Y, and M in mathematics. It doesn’t make sense to EAI. They could become CEO of their lives and great companies through entrepreneurship and employ those entering into the various Universities. Most market women are even doing their businesses without using calculators. But learned bank tellers and co can’t work without using contemporary calculators.

English Language.

Pass (A1-C6) – 238, 819

Not Pass (D7-F9) – 151, 793


Pass (A1-C6) – 238,539

Not Pass (D7-F9) – 173,704.

Integrated Science.

Pass (A1-C6) – 289,329

Not Pass (D7-F9) – 128,463.

Social Studies.

Pass (A1-C6) – 290,545

Not Pass (D7-F9) – 139,361.

Now, 2019 and 2020 results on the four core subjects:

The performance percentage drop drastically from that of 2019 for Social studies and Science, thus from 75.45%(2019) to 64.31%(2020) and 63.17%(2019) to 52.53%(2020) respectively. Mathematics saw a meager improvement by 0.4%, thus from 65.31%(2019) to 65.71%(2020) and only the English language saw a real but inadequate improvement from 48.96%(2019) to 57.34%(2020).

The above result review doesn’t determine the number of jobs that would be created to reduce unemployment in Ghana. Let’s revisit our African education scheme and halt the implementation of the imported system which is making our graduates containers of useless knowledge. The knowledge the job market does not need to produce goods.

Worst of it is the incompetence of the monopolistic examination body, WAEC, by which year in year out, either by hook or crook, question papers get to students before the exam day, casting very huge doubt on the credibility of the few students who pass the exams.


1. Teachers need only one but serious union to

help raise their standard and run assessments.

2. Bridge knowledge and skills with a practical education policy to enable all students to create their world during and after school.

3. Specialized in the education system and reduce examinable courses.

4. Acknowledge and address overcrowding for effective tuition and favorable outcomes.

5. Make funding schools a priority and depoliticize policies.

6. Put classroom-running and curriculum-building decisions in the hands of the community.

7. Address the school-to-prison pipeline by supporting TVET and providing capital for start-ups.

8. Substitute WAEC and try different examination bodies to eliminate malpractices etc.

A more comprehensive approach to education and assessment would be result-oriented and reflect the millions of taxpayers’ money and resources that are invested into the free SHS policy in Ghana.

EAI wants the best for Ghana and Africa at large. Our continent is rich, so let’s throw away the trash and feel proud of ourselves.


Boadi William

CEO of Educate Africa Institute (EAI), Educationist, and, Motivational Speaker

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