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Government Increases Student Loan; Set To Scrap Teacher and Nursing Training Allowance? -See Details

Due to the fact that student teachers and nurses will be enrolled in the 2022 academic year, funds for student loan repayment have been raised.

The government has been straining to pay Teacher and Nursing Training Allowance, and for the past six months, student teachers and nurses have not received their monthly stipends as promised.

The reinstatement of the teacher and nurse training allowances was purely political, with no plan in place for how the money would be spent. As the administration hastened to fulfill a political promise to student teachers and nurses, no funds were earmarked for the payment of the stipend, and the source of money was not considered.

The restoration of the allowance for student teachers and nurses has reintroduced the quota system in colleges of education and nursing training institutions. The government determines the quota of students it can afford to pay allowance to, and admissions into colleges of education and nursing training schools are based on the quota. Every year, thousands of students are refused entrance to colleges of education and nursing institutions.

Nursing training school admissions for the 2021/2022 academic year have yet to be released; applicants were interviewed in June 2021, and admission letters have yet to be issued six months later; some nursing training schools have released their admission list, but students have yet to be enrolled into the schools.

As part of its proposal to enhance the Student Loan Trust Fund for students, the government is consulting on eliminating reimbursements for nursing and teacher training. There is a backlog of teachers and nurses waiting for financial clearance to be hired; monies used to pay the allowance might be used to provide facilities for these teachers and nurses to work after graduation.

Student teachers and nurses will be grateful for the opportunity to work following graduation rather than being allowed to become unemployed. The money set aside for teacher and nurse training allowances might be utilized to construct schools and clinics. If the funds for the payment of the stipend are diverted into the development of facilities to recruit them after school, the government may establish schools and clinics to employ teachers and nurses each year.

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