Hajia Bintu speaks about her big ‘coca-cola shape’ buttocks [VIDEO]

Hajia Bintu speaks about her big ‘coca-cola shape’ buttocks [VIDEO]

Hajia Bintu, a social media influencer, has acknowledged that she intentionally spread false information about her buttocks by posting several photos of herself flashing her rear on social media.

Yet, she vehemently denied getting treatment to make her buttocks bigger and said that such qualities happen with development.

The socialite denied rumors that she used to be slim on The Delay Show by saying, “As you develop, the body also does.” I wasn’t tiny if you look at my previous images, she claimed.

Deloris Frimpong Manso, the show’s host, was not persuaded by Hajia Bintu’s justification.

While you did have some curves, they weren’t as large as they are now. Now you’ve got a big butt,” Delay suggested.

Hajia Bintu, however, asserted that her physique is normal and said that the way she sits for photographs enlarges her butt.

Watch the video below;

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