He Is My Beloved Son, Am His White Daddy- Mourinho To Michael Essen [Watch]

Jose Mourinho brought former Ghanaian player Michael Essien to Chelsea in 2005. He reconnected with the Portuguese boss seven years later when Mourinho signed him on a loan contract at Real Madrid.

His colleagues at Real Madrid did not respond to his invitation to his 30th birthday celebration. The only exceptions were Ricardo Carvalho and Luka Modric, who both went. When Mourinho found out what had happened, he consoled Essien, telling him that the poor turnout didn’t indicate his teammates didn’t appreciate him, but that they were preoccupied with other things.

Mourinho and Essien had a close connection, with the former saying of Essien in an interview, “He is not my player, he is my son.” “I’m his white daddy,” he says.

Mourinho also said that on one of his journeys to Ghana, he paid a visit to Essien’s birthplace.

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