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Heward-Mills shielding bishop who impregnated wife of junior pastor – Kwaku Annan alleges

Heward-Mills shielding bishop who impregnated wife of junior pastor – Kwaku Annan alleges

Justice Kwaku Annan, a former Net TV host, has claimed that Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is concealing some ongoing secrets in the United Denominations Originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches, UD-OLGC, of which he is the leader.

According to Annan, the Bible teaches that the Lord’s works are not shrouded in secrecy, but the renowned Bishop of UD-OLGC, he claims, has decided to go against what the scriptures state.

On Accra-based Kingdom FM on October 6, the journalist accused an anonymous Lighthouse Church Bishop of impregnating a young pastor’s wife, and instead of being punished by the presiding Bishop, the impregnator was transferred to the church’s Nigerian branch.

“We worship a God who claims that his works are light.” God’s worship is light, but what type of darkness is in the church that you are concerned about when your congregation leaves? Lighthouse is the site of a major allegation that a renowned Bishop had an affair with a young pastor’s wife and impregnated her.

“This illustrious Bishop has now been assigned to the church’s branch in Nigeria.” It appears that he has been fired, but this implies that you are still with us, albeit covertly, so that people would forget about the matter. The bishop was in the church’s headquarters, but he was removed for whatever reason.

“I have every detail of how the said Bishop not only slept with this young pastor’s wife for sex but also gave birth as a result.” Is that what happens in church? According to Ephesians 5.11-13, I’m not sure where in the Bible Jesus instructed his followers to keep things secret. “Does Bishop Heward-Mills cover up sin in his congregation or praise God through sin?” Justice Kwaku Annan inquired.

The journalist, who previously hosted ‘The Seat,’ was fired by his boss, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin Central.

He has been charged by his former employer of obstructing an inquiry into the criminal dealings and activities of several ministers of God and their churches. He said Kennedy Agyapong committed it for political motives.


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