Hidden camera exposes lady stealing Ghc 1,000 from good Samaritan after giving her a “lift”– Video

A horrifying footage of a lady being caught on camera robbing a kind stranger who gave her a ride has surfaced.

As the thief’s face is exposed for all to see, the video is becoming viral quickly, much like the biblical burning bush.

After viewing the exposé captured on June 14, 2022 at 23:10 utilizing a concealed camera, internet users are appalled.

At Sefwi Bekwai in Ghana’s Western North, the male driver granted the burglar a ride.

The lady was tempted to check the glove box while getting out of the car to perform a quick errand.

She decided to grab the money from the man after discovering it during her search.

The recording shows that the thief was conscious of her actions and was not in any way influenced.

According to reports, the woman grabbed $1,000 in cash while being shown on video in real time.

The thief, a woman with a dark complexion, looked around suspiciously before putting the stolen money in her pocket.

The thief picked out a few notes, folded them, and placed them in her pocket after determining that everything was safe.

Watch the video below

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