Hide your Husbands, we’re coming home —Ashawo SHS girls warned married women(Video)

Five senior high school girls have made a video warning women to keep their spouses and lovers hidden when they leave school.

In a few days, SHS will be on vacation, and the girls have already made plans for how they will spend their time off.

The young girls shamelessly said in an internet video that when they come home, they will have fun with other people’s spouses.

‘Dear moms and spouses, we have a great message for you,’ they said. ‘Be advised that SHS ladies will be returning home shortly.’

If you don’t want us to grab your spouses and lovers, take excellent care of them and lock them up at home.’

They sounded really serious when they threatened Tiktok.

Is this a contrived video aimed at achieving stardom? Below is a link to their entire tape.

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