His Ghost Has Been Chasing Me; I Can’t Sleep; Let Me Confess – Kumawood Actor Cries For Help [VIDEO]

Kumawood is a well-known hardwood. The spirit of a guy who opted to celebrate his birthday on his grave has been pursuing actor Remes, according to him. He claims he can’t sleep and wants to confess and be set free. He’s pleading for aid once more because none of his spiritual dads have returned his calls.

Remes Kay said in an exclusive interview with the press that he didn’t have his birthday celebration in the graveyard for no reason. It was, nevertheless, a symbolic occasion to warn humanity that, once we celebrate birthdays, we are approaching the burial graveyard.

“It appears that the dead man on whose tomb we had a party does not understand our motive. I see him in my dreams. Sometimes it’s as if he physically appears in my room to hold my hands. At times I could hear him mentioning my name repeatedly. I’ll respond but can’t see him,” Kumawood actor Remes Kay sadly explained.

You may see the Kumawood actor’s interview by clicking on the link below. He became famous after spending his birthday at a graveyard. He’s now in serious difficulty.

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