HOT: Abena Korkor drops her “feeli feeli” N.U.D.E.S again in latest video

We thought Abena Korkor had repented after telling Kwame A Plus that she did stupid things on the internet just to get attention and clout.

The mental health advocate made headlines again only a few hours ago when she posted naked photos on her Instagram profile.

Abena Korkor appears to have fallen in love with the interactions she receives on the internet whenever she posts naked photos and videos, making it impossible to put a stop to such heinous behavior.

These new photos, according to Abena Korkor, are intended to serve as her sole fan page.

Many social media users believe Abwena Korkor is a political plant because she purposely posts photographs of herself naked to draw attention away from a rising national topic.

We don’t know if these assumptions are correct, but based on the timeline of events, it looks that there is some validity to the charges.


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