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How NABCo trainees demonstrate to demand 10 months unpaid allowances

How NABCo trainees demonstrate to demand 10 months unpaid allowances

Some Nation Builders Corps (NABCo) employees took to the streets of Accra to demand the payment of their unpaid allowances for the last ten months.

The beneficiaries, whose program will finish in September after being extended for a year by the government, have claimed that living has become unpleasant owing to the deterioration of economic conditions.

In a protest, the beneficiaries asked the government to provide cash to the Secretariat for further payout.

They also presented the Vice President with a petition.

Deputy Chief of Staff, Emmanuel Adumua-Bossman, received the petition on behalf of the Vice President.

“This government is indeed a listening government so these things that you have scripted shall be carefully considered at the highest levels and as soon as it is practicable, you would hear something tangible on the issues you have raised.”

“May all of us continue to be a little bit more patient… We know that it has been a trying time not just for only you but for the entirety of Ghanaians,” Mr. Adumua-Bossman said.

NABCo was meant to continue for three years but was extended for another year.

The Program sought to engage 100,000 recent graduates.

Despite the fact that the government invested around GH2.2 billion on the scheme, a number of corps members complained about the government’s failure to pay allowances.

The program was supposed to finish in October 2021, but participants were requested to continue working.

During the announcement of the 2022 budget, the government said that the remaining NABCo trainees will be progressively absorbed by the YouStart program and a Digital inclusion program.

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