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How Teachers union in Sierra Leone fought and gained 45% Salary increment

The Sierra Leone Teachers Union has decided to accept a wage raise of 45 percent as of today.

Ghana teachers union in negotiations with the government

In January 2023, the pay increase will become effective.

As a consequence of successful discussions between the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education and the Sierra Leone Teachers Union, the strike action has been suspended in the interim.

Due to the Employers panel of the Teaching Service Trade Group Negotiating Council’s incompetence and lack of seriousness, the Sierra Leone Teachers Union had earlier issued a 21-day strike notice on Friday, May 27, 2022. (TSTGNC).

In a public notification issued to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) in Freetown, the Teachers Union announced their declaration.

The new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Union and the Government has various conditions, including a 45 percent wage rise throughout the course of the Agreement, according to Education Minister David Moinina Sengeh.

The biggest leadership lesson I’ve yet to learn came from this. I am thankful for every opportunity to learn as well as every act of hate, love, wrath, grace, and gratitude.

In all this, two things had remain true:

1. This government and President Bio have always prioritised the welfare of teachers and

2. I wasn’t going to rest until Teachers have a Collective Bargaining Agreement that we can all be proud of as a country that addresses the issues of Teachers, Teaching and the Teaching Profession. It’s one thing to say it, it’s another to commit to it in an Agreement. 26 years later, we have a fully signed agreement.

All I want to express now is special gratitude to everyone but in particular the President, the Vice President, my team, the Executive of the SLTU, the TSM and all teachers.” He stated

However, this new agreement will settle  the Impasse between the Sierra Leone Teachers and Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education.

Check the image below

Angry teachers cries


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