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Hundreds of Ghanaians cry after Agradaa duped them at her church for new version of double money

Hundreds of Ghanaians cry after Agradaa duped them at her church for new version of double money

Hundreds of individuals who attended the church of one-time fetish priestess Nana Agradaa, now known as Evangelist Mama Pat, are accusing her of running a fraud.

Various victims are seen sprinting away from Evangelist Mama Pat’s church building in several short video clips that have now gone viral in the last few hours, even as many have raised alarms about being duped and conned.

Further investigation by our portal revealed that a large number of people were there at the church on the day because the remorseful priestess had previously publicized on her television channel that she was coming to distribute money to people.

She is also claimed to have advertised on the day that she would double any donations made to her church, Heavenway Champion International Ministry.

However, as has been characteristic of her, particularly since her days as a fetish priestess, it appears the evangelist mainly preyed on the gullibility of the hundreds of individuals who came to her church to extort money from them.

When she was finished, as shown in a number of GhanaWeb videos, she kicked them out of the building, helped by her well-built bodyguards.

A lot of others who have been affected can also be heard shouting and calling her out.

“This is Agradaa’s church, Heavenway, and she advertised on her TV station that she was going to share money with everyone only to bring us here, but she prefers to collect money from people.” She instructed individuals to contribute ten million (GHc10,000) and two billion (GHc200,000), then requested them to leave the chapel. “Things quickly became hectic here,” said a woman providing audio commentary in one of the recordings.

While our portal cannot authenticate all of the accusations in these videos, it is worth noting that this is not the first time individuals have expressed concerns about Agradaa’s dubious actions.

The Ghana Police Service has yet to respond, but we will keep its ears to the ground to bring its readers and viewers up to current on any further developments.


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