‘I am going to end my life too:’ Last phone call of the policeman who shot his girlfriend in Kumasi pops up [Watch]

The shooting incident in Kumasi, Adum, which resulted in the death of a gorgeous and well-endowed 27-year-old Maadwoa, is still unfolding.

The married police officer lover who fatally shot Maadwoa, a mother of one, five times has now spoken out from his hiding location.

According to a viral video, the police officer contacted a trusted relative after the incident to tell her about the horror he had committed.

According to the police officer’s voice, the man killed the wife because she mistreated him despite his efforts to look after her.

In the same video, a police officer chatting to a relative intimated that he, too, may terminate his life to avoid shame, remorse, and prison.

He vowed to murder himself since he can’t bear the notion of killing Maadwoa.

Listen below

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