I CANT be your fiancee anymore– Amerado breaks up with Delay [WATCH]

Amerado has expressed his sorrow for identifying himself with Delay in a brief video that has gone viral, causing a lot of controversy.

According to the young musician, he has never felt at ease since it was revealed that Delay is his close pal.

In the video, Amerado bemoaned the fact that Ghanaians have abandoned his trade and are always on his back with Delay’s case whenever he publishes his work for promotion.

Amerado declared unequivocally that he is done with Delay (as pals) since his career has suffered, and he will not remain indifferent till things worsen.

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After their alleged love relationship was exposed in the media, Delay and Amerado drew the attention of a large number of Ghanaians.

The two superstars, who are 13 years apart in age, are reported to be warming each other’s beds right now, but they have denied this on multiple times.

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