“I cheated on my wife to make her lose weight” – man reveals(Video)

“I cheated on my wife to make her lose weight” – man reveals(Video)

A Kenyan man has sparked outrage after revealing why he cheated on his wife.

The man told a televangelist, whom he and his wife had attended for therapy after she discovered he had cheated on her, that he did it to help her lose weight.

He claims that when he first met his wife in 2017, she was slender, which was one of the reasons he fell in love with her; but, when they married in 2020, she began to gain weight and became less beautiful in his eyes.

He said he enrolled her in a gym in an attempt to get her back to her former weight, but it didn’t work.

He remembered querying her about her unexpected weight gain, and she assured him it was because she was happy.

So he began having extramarital romances in order to disrupt her tranquility so she might lose weight.

He said that when she found out about his relationships with other women, she had restless nights and couldn’t eat consistently, causing her to lose weight.

During the interview, he stated his delight that his method had been effective, remarking that his wife had recovered her thin figure before their marriage.

Watch his speech here.

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