I don’t want to see my wife again because of this – Patapaa drops b0mb

Just over a week ago, word spread around the internet that Patapaa Amisty, a Swedru-based hiphop performer, had split up with his German wife Liha Miller.

Patapaa did an exclusive interview on Kastle FM after the distressing news surfaced on the internet, in order to clear the air once and for all.

Patapaa claimed that despite the fact that they haven’t seen each other in months since Liha is a professional nurse in Germany, he hasn’t divorced his wife.

He went on to say that he adores his wife and that there’s no way he’ll give up on her simply because they’re separated.

We don’t know what occurred in the days following Patapaa’s denial of rumors that he had divorced his wife – since after seeing Liha in a pose with Zionfelix, Patapaa is now screaming tantrums on his Whatsapp status.

Patapaa claims that Zionfelix is the reason he refuses to see his wife again.

He screamed passionately at the famed blogger, accusing him of wreaking devastation on his marriage and family, and warned others to be wary of him.

Patapaa described a photo of Zionfelix and his wife traveling in a vehicle that he shared on his WhatsApp status as;

“Is because of this guy I don’t want to see my wife again, he is the problem between I and my wife”

Zionfelix is in Germany right now, preparing to interview Patapaa’s wife, Liha Miller. Perhaps the musician has upset his wife in some manner, which explains his reversal of fortune.

Let’s see how things play out over the next several days. Keep an eye out for updates on this developing story.


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