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I earned GH¢1,500 as salary in Ghana, now I take GH¢9,000 in Vietnam – Teacher Claims

Mercy Agyei Ankomah, a Ghanaian English teacher in Vietnam, has stated that she earns GH9,000 per month. In Ghana, though, her take-home pay was GH1,500. Mercy said in an exclusive interview on SVTV Africa’s ‘Daily Hustle Across the World,’ that despite the large sums of money she receives, she is not paid on time because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

“This time around, the pay is a little higher. Prior to the epidemic, black teachers were paid $600 per year. The white instructors, on the other hand, departed during the epidemic. So I’ll take $1300 now. Others will earn between $1200 and $3000.”

“The issue is that we were ordered home due to a festival in February. As a result, I have nothing on which to rely. We’re in March, and things are still the same “DJ Nyaami was informed.

She led a nice life in Ghana, according to the former Juaben Senior High School teacher, but she opted to travel based on the “sugarcoated” claims of certain travel agencies.

When she initially came in Vietnam in 2019, she said she had a difficult time. Apart from teaching English, Mercy encouraged Ghanaians not to move to Vietnam in search of better pastures. Despite this, Miss Ankomah indicated that she had no intentions to return to Ghana.

“You work for two months and then stay at home for seven months, spending all of your earnings. I’m not sure whether I want to come to Ghana, but I’m also not sure if I want to stay here. I’m aware that Ghana is currently rather pricey “Mercy was also added.

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