I gave this Pragia Driver my number 5years ago and today I said “Yes” to him – Lady Reveals (Photos)

Lydiv Ogbansiegbe, a Nigerian woman, has remarked that there is a sense of tranquility that comes with being with the proper person. She gets married to a Keke Driver.

Lydiv expressed this sentiment on her Instagram page when she announced her engagement to her boyfriend with photos from the happy event.

How Lydiv met him

Looking back on how their relationship started, the beautiful lady stated that it all began with an encounter on a tricycle.

Lydiv said she had given a keke man her phone number 5 years ago and now the same person has asked her to marry him. She wrote:

“There’s this feeling of peace that comes when the person is the right one for you. “5 years ago I gave a keke man my phone number.

“And just last night I said YES to him. “There’s more to this love story ❤️.

“I love you endlessly MINE.”Hello 

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