I Slept With a Corpse To Get Pregnant after Years Of Being Barren –Pretty Lady Shares Sad Story

After sharing a compelling story about how she came up with the strangest solution for addressing her bareness, an anonymous woman is trending on the internet.
After years of marriage without a child, the lady went to a native doctor for help, and a spiritualist told her she needed to sleep with a dead man in a morgue for six months to be cleansed of the negative spirits responsible for her childlessness.

She consented and made arrangements with a mortuary employee to sleep with a dead male body every day for the next six months inside the mortuary room.

She went on to say that nothing happened after the time limit had expired. There was no pregnancy, and her infertility problem remained unsolved.

She claimed that making this decision was the worst experience of her life and that sleeping with a dead body was tough.

She went on to say that after this event, she was introduced to a herbalist who prescribed herbal concoctions for her to ingest for four months in order to conceive a child.

She became pregnant after the four-month period and gave birth to two children. She thanked the herbalist for assisting her in conceiving her child.

“I visited a sorcerer who informed me I was under a generational curse and could only conceive if I slept with a dead man,” the Nigerian simply named Adeabo said. After some consideration, I decided to give it a shot. I went to Ahero and hired a mortuary attendant, who took care of everything.”

“I followed the sorcerer’s instructions. It was, without a doubt, the worst event of my life. I would never want someone to go through something like that. “I surrendered everything to God’s mercy.”

“One of my neighbors suggested I consult a herbalist who had helped tens of thousands of people in need.” He handed me his phone number. However, after my prior nightmare, I was hesitant to take any action.

I wasn’t prepared to face another horrific experience. But I told myself that this was the last time I’d do it. I called the herbalist, and he set up a meeting for us. For four months, he prescribed herbal medicine. We’re suddenly the happiest couple on the planet. We are the parents of our own children. “I’m simply not sure how I’m going to pay this herbalist,” she explained.

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