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“I Walked from Ghana To Senegal” – Business Man Shares His Experience On The Road To Senegal

Doctor Moses Nii Addo Amarh-Ofori, an orphan who experienced a life of fear and adversity, recounted his heartbreaking story on Pilla News Tv’s The Star Talk Show.

Moses had never known his father and lost his mother when he was little. Because he was his mother’s only son, family members who tried to aid him caused him so much sorrow with their words and deeds.

However, after being denied love and care from his mother’s family, he decided to make a life by going through the worst.

Nii Amarh ventured into businesses both in and outside of Ghana after completing Junior High School in order to obtain money that would allow him to continue his education and also to be on the safe side after completing school because he had no funds from family to support himself and those who decided to lend a helping hand became frustrated along the way.

Moses Amarh recounts how, as a result of his extreme suffering, he walked all the way from Ghana to Senegal in three (3) weeks.

Doctor Moses Nii Amarh-Ofori stressed in his statement on The Star Talk Show that he did not arrive at his current position on a silver platter with the Doctor title linked to his name.

Watch the video below;

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