“I want to die because I am tired and weak” Woman who witnessed First World War cries (WATCH VIDEO)

“I’m exhausted and weak, and I want to die.” Others work while I sleep the entire day away, yet I still want to eat. “I believe death has forgotten about me,” remarked a fatigued 106-year-old woman.

Euphrasie Kanyundo is reminiscing over her long life with death.

After seeing the First World War, she stated that she had seen the full potential of life on her own terms and that she want to be embraced by death as soon as possible.

Though she is not unhappy in life because she is surrounded by a large family who looks for her, she claims that her weak health makes it difficult for her to enjoy life as she once did.

The elderly African grandmother told Afrimax TV that she is sick of being treated like a baby and having to crawl on her buttocks.

She is, nevertheless, physically healthy, with a pair of teeth protruding from her gums.

If death does not come in the next few days, Euphrasie Kanyundo worries she may be forced to shatter the hearts of her children by committing herself.

Her youngest kid, also in his sixties, has taken it upon himself to keep an eye on his mother in the hopes of preventing her from killing herself.

Unlike the average person who despises the sound of death, Euphrasie gets pleased everytime she sees a funeral in her village because she believes she will be the next to die.

She remarked her time to leave the earth is long overdue, having buried eight of her ten children who died after experiencing the greying period.

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