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I was paid ¢300 for NPP campaign ad, now my life is in danger – NABCO trainee cries

I was paid ¢300 for NPP campaign ad, now my life is in danger – NABCO trainee cries

Many people remember him from the 2020 general election campaign advertisement, in which his portrait appeared on a billboard with the slogan “Remember me.” Your vote determines my livelihood.”

He is a student in the government’s flagship program, Nations Builders Corps, where he also teaches.

In an interview with TV3, Nicholas remarked that people blame him for Ghanaians’ current economic struggle as a result of his campaign for the ruling party.

According to the SHS instructor, he has to conceal himself by donning a nose mask and a cap anytime he leaves his house for fear of being spotted and harmed.

“The danger is my main challenge.” So whenever I go out, I have to put on a nose mask and occasionally a cap to conceal myself.

“Sometimes, I will stay in the room on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because I am frightened of what may happen to me if I go out.” When they see you, they become enraged and want to beat you since you are one of the reasons they are suffering. They will occasionally phone and threaten you.

“My wife will sometimes tell me where I’m going; if I have the money, I should use Uber,” Teye explained.

The instructor stated that he was not informed that his photograph would be used on a campaign billboard.

He stated that he was paid $300 for the advertisement.

In explaining why his face appeared on a campaign billboard for the ruling party, Nicholas stated that as a NABCO recipient, he was told that their images were being used for calendars and publications and not for the campaign and that there is a 300 prize associated with it.

He observed that before the 300 was handed to him, he had to sign an undertaking that he had granted permission for his photo to be used in the NPP 2020 campaign – something he had not previously stated to them.

“I was furious when I saw the letter since I told them they should have notified me before taking the photo, so I refused to sign and fled.”

When I arrived home, my wife and the woman who helped me pay for the NABCO training told me I should go get the money…

“I afterward went and signed for the 300…,” Nicholas Teye stated emphatically.


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