If You Are A Man Without V8, Don’t Dream Of Approaching Me If You Don’t Have V8– Lady Boldly Issues Strong Warning To Men

A lovely woman, who undoubtedly believes herself to be the most attractive person alive, has issued a stern warning to any potential suitors.

According to a Tweet from a woman going by the name of Betty Kyallo, she has strict criteria and only dates particular kinds of guys.

She asserted that any man who drives a car that is less powerful than a V8 or a TX will not be accepted by her.

She wrote on Twitter;

“I have standards. I can’t date a man who doesn’t have a a good car, good car means TX or V8. If I date a manboxwns a probox, then it’s like insulting my standards. I can’t fall in love with a man who earns less salary than me and doesn’t have a better car than me. I urge my fellow women to set standards, better date a sugar daddy than these boys breathing to breath.”

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