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If Your Gas Cooker Catches Fire, Don’t Panic, Do These Things To Quench It.

In addition to their numerous benefits, gas stoves have significant drawbacks. One of the numerous breakthroughs spurred by technological improvement in recent years was the advent of gas stoves. Instead of going outside to get firewood for cooking, you may now cook in peace on gas burners inside your home.

Gas stoves are extremely efficient since they save you the effort and time of needing to burn firewood while cooking.

In addition to their numerous benefits, gas stoves have significant drawbacks.

A gas burner that has greatly helped individuals has also resulted to some premature deaths due to neglect.

The third state of matter, gas, is very flammable and may gravely harm the environment if exposed. There are several benefits and drawbacks to consider when using a gas burner, so it all depends on how you use it. A gas cooker must be used with caution or it might be fatal.

Kindly follow below messures to quench fire.

  1. Using towel. The moment your gas cooker catches fire, don’t panic, just search for your towel. You are required to use big towel instead of small towel, after put washing powder in a bowl filled with water and immense your towel into the washing powder.
  2. Pull off the towel you have soaked from the bowl and cover the gas cylinder with the towel. Don’t rinse it.
  3. Wait till the fire goes off, this will help to quench the fire off.

If you don’t suffer risks from gas cookers, you should avoid the following items:

  1. Keep your gas cooker close to flammable material.

This is among the things you should avoid the most when using a gas cooker.

Hazardous compressed gas cylinders must be kept at least 20 feet away from materials that can easily catch fire, like wood, paper, oil, and grease. Furthermore, make sure the valve on the empty cylinder is closed. Properly store gas cylinders when not in use. Avoid doing this since it can trigger a dangerous explosion.

  1. Cooking in an unventilated place with cooker gas.

Ventilation is important when using a gas stovetop. Since gas cookers are designed to be used in ventilated locations, they shouldn’t be utilised in small rooms with inadequate ventilation.

When gas doesn’t burn properly, dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are created.

Although gas can easily and safely leave a properly ventilated environment, it can occasionally leak without your notice, so try to cook in a well-ventilated area. If your room doesn’t have enough space for it, you can use it outside first.

  1. Using an electric device near a gas cooker.

A gas cooker might be hazardous if it is used adjacent to an electric appliance. Never answer a call when in the kitchen close to a gas source for cooking.

When using a gas burner, try to avoid using your phone because if there is an unobserved gas leak and it gets hot, a short circuit could occur and produce an explosion when it mixes with a little arc of electricity. You could lose your life if you make this mistake, so avoid it.

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