I’ll contest for General Secretary of NPP – NPP Big Guru Claims

Musah Superior, the former Mayor of Tamale, has announced that he will run for the job of General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He stated his decision to run for the job was bolstered by appeals from the party’s rank and file for him to serve in that capacity.

“As a real, loyal, and the committed member who wishes to serve the New Patriotic Party in whatever position,” he said in a statement, “I feel obligated to answer positively to the appeals by countless party people around the country.”

Here’s the rest of his statement…

From the Danquah/Busia Club days in the 1990s until the formation and inauguration of the New Patriotic Party in July 1992, I’ve reflected on my contributions to the party.

As a “foundation” member of the party, I have decided to contest for the position of General Secretary in the 2022 National Delegates Congress of our great Party.

My decision to contest for the General Secretary position has been made even stronger by calls from the rank and file of the party on me to serve in that role. As a real, committed, and dedicated member who wishes to serve the New Patriotic Party in whatever form, I feel obligated to reply favorably to the various party members around the country who have reached out to me.

The New Patriotic Party’s government has done a good job, and we must build on the government’s achievements as part of our strategy to win in 2024.

This is why I am running for General Secretary to lead in rousing the grassroots to re-build a stronger, more smart, and more efficient Party capable of motivating and mobilizing first our own people.

followers and sympathizers, and ultimately millions of non-NPP voters across the country in order to compete seriously in the general elections in 2024.

Our Party’s spirit must be resurrected. We must be prepared to organize and execute an effective and inventive campaign for success in the 2024 General Elections now and at all times. I have the capacity and strength to reawaken the party’s lost spirit, resurrect dormant party institutions across the nation, and serve the party’s constituents with more purpose, assertiveness, and conviction in the mandate I seek.

In my interactions with party members around the country in the coming days, I will publicly make my vision public. I implore my followers and admirers to follow the Party’s directions and refrain from using the site of our next National Conference in Kumasi as a campaign rally.

Let us respect and adhere to the Party’s decisions.


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