I’m still single and searching – 70-year-old virgin cries for love [Watch video]

I’m still single and searching – 70-year-old virgin cries for love [Watch video]

An older woman bemoaned being alone and still looking since she rejected numerous guys in the name of sacrificing her life to provide a solid education for her siblings before marrying.

She mentioned that she was the sole caregiver for her siblings, therefore she wanted them to graduate and have a better life before settling down with any man.

“I’m still single because I haven’t found the ideal man for me.” However, when I was a little girl, various males pursued me. I dated various people, but I refused to marry until my siblings graduated because I was the one responsible for them.

Men would approach her for marriage, but she would decline because she wanted to educate her siblings first, then marry afterward,” she explained.

Unfortunately, age has caught up with her, and now that she is ready to marry, men are refusing to approach her.

“If I find a spouse, I will marry.” “I’m ready to be a wife and live with my husband,” Alphonsine stated.

Despite the fact that she has no children of her own, Alphonsine, a teacher who mostly taught at Catholic mission schools, considers the students she has taught to be her children.

“I don’t have any biological children, but I am a mother to many – the youngsters I’ve taught,” she explained.

According to an earlier story, Alvera Uwitonze, a 56-year-old woman with a handicap, turned down numerous men when she was younger, but now guys are demanding her to pay them before they can have a relationship with her.

Her worry at the time was that the men were only interested in exploiting her predicament in order to use and discard her.

She was afraid that if she became pregnant and the guy responsible fled away or disputed involvement, she would suffer alone with the pregnancy and have to care for the kid on her own.

They constantly telling her that her time has passed and that they want younger, more able-bodied women to marry now that she is interested in males.

“They would come here and ask if they could marry me, and I would always say no.” “I was terrified a man would come and get me pregnant, then abandon me and the kid,” Alvera explained in an interview with Afrimax TV.

The old spinster, who had never had a lover, expressed sorrow for not giving them a chance while they were pursuing her.

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