I’m tired of being single, 7 years in UK and no man has approached me – African Lady cries out [Video]

An African lady in the United Kingdom has cried out for love after enduring seven years without being contacted by a man.

She relocated to the UK from Nigeria seven years ago and is still getting used to her new surroundings.

She’s gone to TikTok to scream about her struggle to find love since she’s tired of being alone.

She said in the TikTok video that she had never been approached by a man in her seven years in the UK, much alone received a proposal.

She didn’t understand she was the problem until she told her coworkers about her predicament, she added.

They laughed at her and said they were going through the same thing she was since they hadn’t been approached by guys throughout their stay in the UK.

The young woman stated that she and her coworkers are bored of being unmarried and that they wish British guys would contact them.


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