IMPORTANT: Don Jazzy gives lectures on how to use Water Closet to avoid snakebite [VIDEO]

Don Jazzy, an Afrobeat producer, has taught folks how to avoid snake bites in their Water Closet.

This comes after the story went viral about a snake hiding in a toilet biting a Nigerian Airforce woman.

Lance Corporal Bercy Ogah, a young lady, died after being bitten by a snake hidden in the bathroom.

Following the tragic news, more Nigerians flocked to social media to share their experiences with snakes lurking in their toilets.

With a video on his Instagram page, Don Jazzy used the opportunity to educate the audience on how to avoid such sad events.

According to the video, he encouraged the public to sit on the toilet with their backs to the toilet so that they will be attentive to see the snake and jump if one is lurking around.

Checkout the practicals now;

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