Impregnated other women, spent her money on women; She still stayed – Kofi Adoma hails wife, Miracle

Today is Kofi Adoma’s birthday, but his wife, Mrs Miracle Adoma, is the focus of attention due to a testimonial he provided. According to the radio host, he subjected his wife to atrocities, yet she never gave up on him.

In recounting their 19-year love story, Kofi Adoma said that he met his wife’s father on the streets as a hustling young man. Miracle’s father then proceeded to sponsor and mentor him, which is how he met Miracle.

Fast forward to when he pregnant Miracle, which enraged his patron. Miracle’s father refused to allow them to marry.

“So I was told to find a conventional manner to do anything.” So I talked to her grandparents, and they felt it was the correct thing to do since my child will come seeking for his father (me) one day.”

Miracle’s father, according to Kofi Adoma, is still pulling strings for his business in Accra despite the pregnancy issue and his disappearance. And he still made mistakes.

“I was working at HotFM when another lady approached me. I got her pregnant. Then I told Miracle (his wife) since I was establishing a life in Accra with her assistance. She stated that it is not your responsibility. My father is the one who is preventing us from marrying.

So she offered me money to travel to Ho and execute initiation ceremonies for this other woman.

“I also took money from her to live in the place she paid for with another woman.” Then she went to meet an estate agent who had called me (I was at Adom FM) about selling several properties. I said that I couldn’t afford it. They said that the woman who referred us here had already paid half of the cost of a house for you to finish. I traveled to the United Kingdom. I became pregnant again and had another kid. Despite everything, she was still with me.”

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