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Indomie And Mobile Money Are The Major Cause Of Teenage Pregnancy In Suhum Municipality – MCE Cries

Indomie And Mobile Money Are The Major Cause Of Teenage Pregnancy In Suhum Municipality – MCE Cries

Teen pregnancy is on the rise in the Suhum Municipality, despite repeated efforts by the government and non-governmental organizations to address the issue, according to Madam Magret Darko, the municipal chief executive.

She said that a recent study by the Ghana Health Service, Social Welfare, and other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) found that young girls’ love of indomie and mobile money (MoMo) is the leading cause of adolescent pregnancy in the Suhum Municipality in the Eastern Region.

The study also discovered that social media addiction is a major factor to the problem.

Teenage ladies allegedly allowed boys to sleep with them in order for them to quickly access their phones and shoot photos and posts on social media. According to the Suhum MCE, this is correct.

“If a guy could just buy indomie for them at night and send a token to their MoMo more regularly,” the MCE said, “the young girls would gladly give in sex.”

The study’s purpose was to identify and treat COVID-19’s negative impacts on adolescent girls and women during the past two years.

The Mce-proposed study findings were presented during the Suhum Assembly’s third general meeting.

Hon. Margeret Darko, the MCE, stated in an interview with Accra Fm news reporter Apelete Kofi-Michel that adolescent pregnancies in Suhum Municipality have been a source of concern throughout the years.

The most typical cause for teenage ladies dropping out of school is to become parents.

More than half of adolescent moms drop out of high school, and more than a quarter, particularly in rural regions, have a second child within 24 months after the first.

She advised parents to look after their children and ensure them acquire a good education in order to ensure their children’s future well-being.


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