“Is that knockout or rocket? – Massive reaction after Kantanka tests it’s first ‘Made In Ghana’ rocket [Video]

Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, a Ghanaian businessman and inventor, has successfully launched and tested the country’s first rocket.

The experiment was shown on his television station as a demonstration of his rocket-building prowess.

Kantanka has played a key role in encouraging people to value locally produced goods in order to solve local concerns.
Kantanka has once again demonstrated his capacity to develop industrial equipment, including automobiles and super-powered devices, demonstrating that he has local answers for local problems.

The rocket is seen being tested in a river in the footage. It was dipped in water and then released into the air. The rocket landed with a big thud, with sections of it damaged.

As a result, many Ghanaians feel that, while Katanka has excellent intentions of inventing locally, he has to take a pause and analyze important areas where he should not proceed.

Many people suggested that while constructing a rocket was not a terrible concept, it was hazardous for Kantanka to manufacture and test it, especially because it may cause catastrophic harm if not done correctly.

To some, Kantanka’s rocket was more akin to a firecracker or knockout than a rocket.

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