“It is my church….” Nana Agradaa replies critics who slammed her for charging church members 300 cedis

Evangelist Patricia Asiedu, formerly Nana Agradaa, has retaliated against those who criticised her for charging her church members 300 cedis apiece.

The self-proclaimed Evangelist stated that it is her church and that she has complete authority over any choice she makes.

She justified her choice to charge her church members 300 cedis by stating that her church is an expensive ministry, therefore her decision.

Nana Agradaa went on to say that she will soon raise the membership card to 500 cedis and that she will ignore her detractors.

“It is my church and I can decide what to do with it, I don’t give a damn about what anyone says. When you register with 300 cedis as a church member, your problem becomes my problem.

I don’t mind if only 10 people register as church members. My ministry is an expensive one which is why I charge and I will soon increase it to 500 cedis”, Nana Agradaa asserted

watch rhe video below

This comes after a viral video of Nana Agradaa instructing her audience to buy membership paperwork in order to be considered legitimate church members.

According to her, all members of her church must fill out the membership paperwork, which cost 300 cedis.

Nana Agradaa has come under fire from Ghanaians, who feel this is simply her latest scam to defraud her church members.

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