Jackie Appiah’s smart toilet in luxurious mansion reportedly costs GHC 31600 each (VIDEO)

An internet video of Jackie Appiah’s mansion suggests that she is the Ghanaian celebrity with the most opulent home.

The actress from Ghana has an automatic toilet in her home. After a Nigerian actress named Luchy Donald shared a video of herself viewing Jackie Appiah’s house, the extravagant estate quickly became popular online.

Upon entering one of the rooms in the house she screamed “Jehovah see house. Oh my geez! Guys see house…Big sis you finish work”. The video sees Luchy roaming the rooms in Jackie’s home even into her washroom which has a smart toilet.

The video has left fans calculating the cost of items and other facilities that make Jackie’s home. The mansion is said to be sitting on a piece of land that is worth at least 1,595,000.00 Ghanaian cedis.

The plot on which the land is seated is sold for $200k per land and we all can see that property isn’t on one plot,” blogger Cutie Juls wrote and added that “almost all her furniture were bought and shipped from Italy. 100% Italian luxury furniture“.

Her tiles were bought and shipped from Italy. Her porch is 100% marble.. you know how expensive that is. Her TVs are straight for Harrods and I think it was £21k for one at that time,” the blogger added.

Commenting on the luxurious and automated toilet seen in her washroom, the blogger said “as we all know smart toilets are $3k to 4$k each“. Watch the video below to check out the mansion that has got everyone talking.

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