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JHS 2 Student Confirms Her Pregnancy Belongs To One Of Her Three Teachers, Including Headteacher [Watch]

One key issue that the Ghana Education Service is attempting to resolve is the teacher-student relationship.

According to information obtained by Trendy news this morning, three teachers, including the school’s Assistant Headmaster, have been having an affair with a 14-year-old pupil.

After repeated interrogations regarding her pregnancy, a student in JHS 2 told her mother that she doesn’t really know who the pregnancy belongs to, but she has slept with three of her school instructors, one of them is the Assistant Headmaster.

In the Central Region, this occurred. As the incident has been taken up by the Ghana Police, investigations are still ongoing. It will take a DNA test to determine which of the three teachers is to blame.

All three teachers have been arrested, which is fantastic news. Due to ongoing investigations, neither their names nor the name of the school have been released.

People are furious at these professors, as well as the girl, after hearing the news. How can a schoolgirl be having an affair at such a young age?

She would not have told anyone about the pregnancy if it hadn’t been for the pregnancy.

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