Juju, other items retrieved from Nigerian s.ex workers’ brothel at Asankragwa [watch]

Juju, other items retrieved from Nigerian s.ex workers’ brothel at Asankragwa

A task group in the Western Region’s Amenfi West Municipality has razed numerous facilities thought to be brothels used for prostitution and criminal activities in the region.

According to a 3news report, items recovered at the site included herbal remedies packed in vials, condoms, amulets, and many more.

In an interview with Connect FM, MCE for the region, Lord Nana Tandoh, who led the raid team, disclosed that the aforementioned structures are thought to have housed several immigrants, primarily Nigerians.

He did, however, clarify that the perpetrators appeared to have fled before the task team reached at those locations.

“The most of them are Nigerians.” Unfortunately, when we arrived, they had already left, so we were unable to arrest anyone. “We dismantled some of the buildings and gave roughly six landlords a two-week deadline to guarantee that their properties are not utilized for such unlawful operations again, or we would destroy them altogether,” he said.

Mr. Tandoh also voiced alarm about the suspects’ activities, which he believes represent a severe security danger in the region.

“We’ve heard that mining adolescents return to patronize these prostitutes.” They house criminals who assault innocent people, and the unfortunate part is that they operate with impunity in the center of town, causing a lot of trouble,” he stated.


Travel restrictions cannot be placed on inhabitants of other ECOWAS nations, according to the MCE, but “those engaged in unlawful businesses will not be entertained.” This is not the end of the exercise. “We will work hard to eliminate these commercial sex prostitutes,” he continued.

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