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JUST IN: Batch of in-service teachers to sit for GTLE before being issued a license; Check details

In-service Teachers, Who Will Write NTC Licensure Exams Before Being Licensed-All the Gist

Did you know that not all in-service teachers will be licensed by the NTC automatically?

There are procedures one must follow in order to be licensed as in-service personnel. The National Teaching Council (NCT) has commenced the licensing of teachers in the country.

According to the NTC nationwide license issuance schedule, the issuance of Bono East Region.  

Meanwhile, some teachers are in a state of dilemma as their progress on the teacher portal dashboard is nothing to write home about. Many in-service GES staff have complained about the inability to reach the 100 percent threshold as indicated. One of the major causes of this anomaly lies in the date of the first appointment.

Notwithstanding, the employee’s professionalism and non-professionalism status also count. Let’s delve into why some in-service personnel will have to write the licensure exams before being given the green light to teach in Ghana.

Who are the in-service GES teachers to be issued the license automatically without writing the GTLE? Some groups of in-service teachers in the Ghana Education Service (GES) will be licensed automatically according to the National Teaching Council (NTC) laid down principles.

According to the council, a person who was employed as a professional teacher before September 2018 is not required by any law to write the Ghana Teacher License Examination (GTLE) to obtain the license. License is automatically issued after uploading the required documents on the teacher portal for verification by the team.

Follow this post to activate your NTC teacher portal account. Who are the in-service GES teachers to write the GTLE before being given the Licensed? As earlier indicated, not all in-service GES teachers will be licensed automatically. It is very true that others taught for years before the whole idea of issuing licenses to in-service personnel came about but there are new guidelines issued by the council.

According to the NTC, any teacher who was recruited as a NON-PROFESSIONAL and had not attained professional status by September 30, 2018 is required by law to write the licensure examination. The council has indicated that teaching without a license is illegal.

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