JUST IN: Chief Priest turns to Christ, burns 77 gods

JUST IN: Chief Priest turns to Christ, burns 77 gods

Professor Togbui Amuzu, a prominent spiritual scientist and traditionalist, has surrendered himself to Christ as a born-again Christian, much as the biblical Saul encountered Christ on his trip to Damascus, became a follower and turned to Paul.

Togbui Amuzu, a priest and servant of 77 gods, burned them to ashes and went through the mill to become a Prophet of God under the tutelage of certain Christian leaders.

The age-old gods passed down to him by his great grandpa were destroyed in front of his Gbetsele house near Michel Camp in the Ashaiman Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

JUST IN: Chief Priest turns to Christ, burns 77 gods

Prayers, praise songs, words of exhortation, and some anointing ceremony were performed before the supervised burning of the gods, magical powers, and their associated regalia.

Professor Togbui Amuzu had previously destroyed several of the objects in preparation for this recent final exercise.

Speaking to media, Apostle Paul Asare Agbebo stated that Professor Amuzu’s choice to embrace Christ as his Lord and personal saviour, as well as utilize His Kingdom to serve and redeem mankind, was not just a step in the right path, but also a prophetic dream fulfilled.

He regarded Prophet Amuzu as a modest, kind, and caring man of God, saying that the germ of his love for God and His creation had already planted in him while working as a traditionalist for many years.

Prophet Amuzu described his road to salvation as difficult since he had multiple meetings with God and the need for peace and love for God’s people in the previous four years.

“I also met God, who formed man from the spiritual world from the dirt and bestowed it with oxygen to give it purpose and life as we see today,” Prophet Amuzu stated.

He stated that the Lord revealed to him that he should seek to make a difference in the lives of many people, just as the Lord did for Israel and her people in the Bible.

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